Month: June 2017

Finding Inspirations for your Baby (and You)

Whether you are cuddling with your precious girl or snuggling down with your handsome boy, you know the feeling of wanting to protect him or her and provide the best for them. It’s really easy to have these sorts of thoughts as you are drifting off to sleep after you have finally put your cherished little one down. Reality is much different when you are faced with a tantrum-throwing, irate child in the middle of a store. Sometimes it is a matter of having a few tricks up your sleeve and maybe a few helpful inspiring notes to check out.

Bring Beauty into your Home

Cute headbands with a bow

Most families begin to live by a budget once a child comes into the picture. This in turn limits the extravagant vacations or far off destinations that may have been a recurring theme in your lives. So, if you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to your home, maybe in the form of framed photos and beach-themed décor. This can be extraordinary special if the items are pictures

Cute headbands with a bow

you took, shells or sand you collected or art you made. Most people turn immediately to a beach scene or big city backdrop, but don’t limit yourself to what you’ve seen others do, create your own oasis with personal touches and whatever you need to fashion an inspiration that belongs to you and your family.

Surround yourself with Books

Cute headbands with a bow

Without a doubt having a good book to read is, for some, one of the most relaxing and inspiring things they can do. Many people have turned to ebooks and electronic recording of books, which is never a bad thing, but there is something very fundamental about holding and reading a physical book, especially to a child. Not everyone grew up reading Dr. Suess books, but countless children learned the rhymes and later passed on this basic developmental step on to their children. As the children get older, there are almost limitless possibilities of books and series that expand creativity, develop bonding time and advance learning all while having a great time together.

Boys are Different than Girls

Cute headbands with a bow

Once a upon a time little boys had toy guns, bows and arrows, and dreamt of discovering buried treasure, now society has curbed those instincts for a gentler, kinder approach to playtime. That disposition is still there and needs an outlet. Boys prefer and crave action, movement and yes, violence. This doesn’t mean they are going to act on those violent behaviors, but they have a much greater tendency to fight it out and then all is good. You can’t expect a boy to act like a girl, thus you channel the more aggressive elements into constructive (or even a little destructive) action such as:

  • Sports
  • Physical labor
  • Experiments (eg: science or exploration)
  • A specific discipline (eg: art, music or building

Girls Require a Softer Touch

Cute headbands with a bow

If you’re following a stereotype, all our girls would be in pigtails and tutus, which isn’t always the best guideline to obey, either. However, most little girls do need a little more attention, a kinder spirit and a big hug after they get a scraped knee. Inspiring a young lady to be a dynamic women later on requires a cultivation of her inner lioness and maybe a cute headband with a bow to pull her hair back. Inspiration doesn’t have to be what the world is telling you to do with her, but finding what she needs, and then meeting those specific needs.

Technology isn’t Always the Enemy

Cute headbands with a bow

Maybe you have heard those stories from years ago when families literally through the television set out with the trash, and so the children all began to migrate over to family’s houses where there was still some entertainment. This scenario is now being played out on steroids when it comes to video game systems, iPads, tablets and whatever other devices the kids can get their hands on. Moderation is always called for, but parents are finding educational (but still fun) games, movies, documentaries and even social connections that motivate children. We know technology isn’t going to be fading away into the sunset; everything out there indicates that we will become more dependent upon it, and future jobs will incorporate it into almost every task. You have to find what works best with your child or children, what you feel comfortable with in your home and possibly the future path they might take for careers.

Be the Example of Inspiration

Cute headbands with a bow

None of us are perfect parents, and one day (hopefully) our children will forgive us for all our shortcomings. But, until that day, we work to teach them to be better people than we are; to do more than we could; and to achieve everything they could ever imagine. This doesn’t happen if we aren’t showing them how to do this. Obviously, some families turn to God and teach inspiring stories of the Bible, while other families teach basic principles of respecting your fellow man. No matter what words are spoken in the home, actions speak volumes above them. Being a good parent starts with being a good person regardless of basic belief systems or childhood trauma you may have experienced.

Even though it may feel like an impossibility to find inspiration in today’s world, it is still there and waiting to be uncovered. You may have to work a little harder to find it and use it in your daily family life, but it will always be worth it. Take time out of your busy day to understand what is inspiring to you, maybe even things that once stirred you and make them a part of your life and the lives of your family members as well.

“I am not what I ought to be, not what I want to be, not what I am going to be, but thankful that I am not what I used to be.” Coach John Wooden